Atienza Naturale

Malunggay Capsules

500mg of pure
malunggay leaves
encapsulated in

The "Power" of Malunggay in a capsule.

Now, you can get the health-giving benefits of malunggay with no need to gather the leaves and prepare dishes.
Each capsule of Atienza Naturale contains only pure malunggay and nothing else so you can be sure of getting
only the nutrients and minerals that will give your body the health boost and protection it needs.

Suggested dosage 1-2 capsules daily
US FDA Facility Reg. No. 17069452532

Atienza Naturale

Malunggay Soap

Let the health-giving properties
of malunggay nourish your skin!

Soft and smooth skin can be achieved with Atienza Naturale's Malunggay Soap. Rich in vitamins A, C,
proteins and antioxidants found in malunggay leaves, Atienza Naturale will enrich your skin making it fair
and soft to touch while providing protection from skin-damaging and ageing bacteria and environmental

Bathe yourself daily in its luxurious lather and have the radiant, younger-looking skin that you've always
wanted. With a fresh scent that will enhance your healthy appearance all day long.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Purified Water, Caustic Soda,
Fragrance, Dried Malunggay Leaves


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Malunggay Capsules Malunggay Soap