The "Super" Gulay

Moringa oleifera, more commonly known locally as
"Malunggay" is a tropical tree that is relatively easy
to cultivate and propagates with little care and
maintenance. It is a very valuable source of
health-giving nutrients. More popularly used in
native dishes, malunggay has a surprisingly high
value in terms of nutritional qualities. It has been
extensively studied by the Food and Nutrition
Research Institute of the Department of Science
and Technology and has a stamp of approval and
recommendation from the prestigious scientific

The leaves of this plant are good sources of
calcium, iron, ascorbic acid and phosphorus. Other
parts of the plant such as the seeds, the young
pods, and the flowers benefit individuals with its
anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic properties.
Malunggay can also lower blood pressure, aid in
pains caused by rheumatism, headaches and
migraines, as well as its being an anti-tumor plant.
Futher, internal organs are said to benefit from
]the vegetable as malunggay pods are dewormers,
good for treating liver and spleen problems, pain
of the joins, and malnutrition. Likewise,
malunggay seeds can be used in treating arthritis,
rheumatism, gout cramp, STD, boils and urinary
problems, and is a relaxant for epilepsy.
Malunggay is also used for purgative and
anti-fungal purposes, as well. And, as traditionally
accepted and proven, malunggay is a valuable
vegetable for lactating women as it helps produce
milk for feeding babies.

With so much health-giving benefits, there is
absolutely no doubt that this "lowly" plant is
indeed "super" in terms of nutrition. No wonder it
has been chosen by Atienza Naturale as its
flagship product.

"On a gram-per-gram basis, malunggay
leaves contain seven times more vitamin
C than oranges, four times more calcium
and twice the protein than milk, four
times more vitamin A than carrots, thrice
more potassium than bananas and
three-quarters the iron of spinach."

Ms. Alicia Ilaga, Director
Department of Agricultural (DA)
Biotechnology Program Implementation Unit

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