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Kim Atienza

“ Malunggay has always been a staple of my diet since I was a child. When I won as a Councilor in Manila I initiated a feeding program together with my father -- ex-Manila Mayor Lito Atienza -- and fed 4000 children in Manila daily to help boost their immunity and get the proper amount of nutrients even if they only had a limited amount of resources to live healthy. For 9 straight years the children in every barangay were weighed and evaluated every week in order to see if our Malunggay truly helped them. True enough, the public school teachers informed us that our “Malunggay feeding program” made the kids stronger and healthier, making them more productive and smarter. I am convinced that malunggay is one of the the best vegetables. We call it The Wonder Gulay because of all the valuable nutrients it has. I am recommending this to everyone, from babies to senior citizens, women and men. Atienza Naturale’s Malunggay Supplement is the best in the market today. So try it and you will see the difference."


Maan Oreno

40 / Writer

“My 5 kids regularly take Atienza Naturale Malunggay capsules. I make sure they take this daily because I know for a fact that once they leave for school, they are exposed to different diseases and viruses in their surroundings. I am very much into organic food and I make sure that I only give my children the best so I chose this brand. For only 8 pesos, I no longer need to cook Malunggay. I have a 3 year old son who cannot yet take the capsule, so instead, I open the capsule and mix its contents with juice or water. I really love Atienza Naturale Malunggay capsules. It’s for my family’s health and protection. Every mother should include this in their family’s diet. Not only is it organic and safe, it is also very affordable.”


Kat Sy

31 / Fashion Designer

“My new discovery to keep me beautiful and healthy. Atienza Naturale Malunggay capsules are ORGANIC so it goes well with my healthy lifestyle and my love for eating fresh veggies from my garden. Now I have more energy and still look younger. You guys can check it out at all Mercury Drugs and Watsons nationwide."

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